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For many people, "plastic" means "cheap and breakable." But when engineers search for new ways to enhance weight savings, corrosion resistance, shock and vibration dampening and stealth they immediately turn to plastic - the only alternative material capable of meeting, and beating, the established performance of aluminum, brass, titanium and steel. In many applications plastics can be a viable replacement for metal. Recent estimates show that about 25% of the expenditures for metal pipe, valves and fittings could be spent on plastic ones. And, in a lot of those systems, plastic would not just do the job, it would be better. Most of our customers already rely on the advantages of plastics vs. steel, due to corrosion resistance or high purity reasons.

That's why we are highly active in the following industries;

  • pharmaceutical
  • semiconductor
  • chemical /petro
  • chemical surface treatment
  • water treatment
  • food
  • etc.