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Pharmaceutical processing tanks

on Mon, 06/17/2013 - 08:16
Pharma tank

When it comes to applications for engineering plastics in the pharmaceutical industry it's typically for exhaust, drains or water. This is one of the first actual cases of processing the pharmaceuticals themselves in engineering plastic tanks and piping. Featuring:

  • Material: Corrosion Resistant High Purity PP natural PolyPure
  • Piping  beadlesly welded using the AGRU SP110B equipment
  • Material traceability:  sheets, fittings, valves and components documented with 3.1 material certificates
  • Welding traceability: each weld identified and documented
  • Welded by certified welders
  • All welding seams in the tanks removed, smooth inner surface
  • Fully sloped and drainable
  • Supporting structure in stainless steel with conductive wheels
  • Connections: sanitary ferrules