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For more than 40 years, Plastic Constructions R. Teblick has played a leading role in cutting-edge plastic constructions technology. Today, our high-quality plastic constructions and installations support key processes for industry leaders around the world. 


Custom solutions for gas scrubbers, waste water treatment stations, laminar flow cabinets and much more - Teblick is your partner from engineering all the way to on-site installation.  


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Recent projects

Wafer transfer device
08 | 06 | 12
Teblick designed and fabricated the first transfer tool for Rena ASC cassettes to Standard Solar Cell cassettes. The challenge here was to transfer the extremely thin and fragile wafers smoothly and...
3-stage EO/PO scrubber
12 | 04 | 12
The design phase of a new 3-stage ethylene oxide scrubber for a customer in Italy has been completed. Production has begun using all electrically conductive and chemically resistant materials. The...
12 | 04 | 12
We are dedicated to supplying quality products in a professional way. To achieve this we are in the process of expanding our CAD/CAM capabilities with a second 3D mill. This expansion will allow us...


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