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For more than 40 years, Plastic Constructions R. Teblick has played a leading role in cutting-edge plastic constructions technology. Today, our high-quality plastic constructions and installations support key processes for industry leaders around the world. 


Custom solutions for gas scrubbers, waste water treatment stations, laminar flow cabinets and much more - Teblick is your partner from engineering all the way to on-site installation.  


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Recent projects

Liquid distributor DN3600
07 | 10 | 14
Liquid distributor DN3600 in PP
05 | 03 | 14
PPS extraction ducting with automated control.Rectangular fail-close shut-off valves airtight according to DIN 1946-4
05 | 03 | 14
General purpose ATEX scrubber


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Plastic Constructions and Installations