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Slurry Distribution Units

A Slurry Distribution Unit (SDU) can prepare end dispense slurries to CMP equipment.

The Slurry Distribution Units are tailor made based on our customers requierements.

The cabinet shields the environment from the pressurized system. Corzan® 4910 CPVC is an excellent material of choice for cleanroom equipment manufacturing that is specification tested and listed under the Factory Mutual Research Corporation Test Standard for Clean Room Materials (FM4910). Those plastics have good resistance against a wide variety of chemicals.

The piping, valves, and pumps are selected according to the specific needs for slurry transport. Smooth surfaces of the inner piping and process tanks avoid deposit of the abrasive materials. Slurry consumption can be monitored via dedicated load cells. 

Use of suited polymers makes it possible to deliver all kinds of slurry-chemical-water blends. Aqueous-based acid and caustic solutions with pH varying from 0 to 14 can be handled (e.g., KOH, NH4OH, H2O2 and many more).


SDU tank on load cells
Slurry distribution unit
High Purity SC-2 mix and distribution station