Plastic Constructions & Installations

About us

Teblick is a Belgian family business that has designed and manufactured plastic constructions since 1958. Our expertise in building custom plastic constructions and installations serves industry leaders worldwide


We offer high-quality solutions through a wide range of products for many different industries. We deliver cutting-edge plastic constructions and installations; our valued customers know they can rely on us.

We provide a full-circle of services to our customers. From initial design by our engineers and designers to manufacturing and construction by our craftsmen all the way through to on-site installation and maintenance. 


Throughout the history of the company, building strong, respectful and mutually-beneficient relationships with clients,  suppliers and staff has been central in the way we do business.

We believe that delivering high-quality products is key tot these relationships; we do not want to compromise on quality, we build for the future. We offer a solution that will fix your problem for upcoming decades, instead of selling you a quick-fix.

We are proud to say our customers know we offer the best in the business and to make sure we keep exceeding their expectations, we keep learning, keep improving ourselves. 


Teblick is ISO9001 and VCA** certified. 

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